Wednesday, August 22, 2018


     After several months of efforts, and many more pieces of design and development work (including character and costume design, machine and set design, modeling, story boards, etc....) a final pitch of the project was made to the studio, looking for a green light to start production.
     The reaction was mixed and instead it was decided that the script should be re-written and the project would be restarted from scratch with a more "cartoony" look. Unfortunately, since (we were told) much of the development budget had been spent on the first version, the team would have to be boiled down to Stephan Franck, a story artist and me. This kind of setback would take the wind out of anybody, but not Stephan who bounced right back and set to work straight away, re-inventing his project, inspired as ever.
     This is how I found myself working on character designs (not really my speciality) in a more "cartoony" style (not really my style)... The result of my struggles with this will be exposed in the next few weeks.

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