Monday, April 21, 2008

Curse of the old mine.

For the second time, I had to work on designs for a mine , and for the second time the location got canned before it went into production. Next time, I shall decline the assignment and save everybody time and efforts.

Pencil. Copyright Sony Pictures Animation.


Eric Orchard said...

This is amazing, it totally appeals to the kid in me which is a pretty huge part. Great tones.

iumazark said...

perfect as always .

Raghu G said...

great !

Doron Meir said...

...and for the second time, you came up with a wonderful mine concept.

Sorry it got OOP. I hate when that happens.

Roberto Cruz said...

this is beautiful, great work!

SIM-R said...

Hahaha !. Most of my career is OOP .
Maybe even most of my life ......

Compositions are working beautifully.
They go hand in hand with the rock solid draughtsmanship (as always).

I especially like the optimistic
attitude to future assignments ;)

alberto mielgo said...

you are such a master.
Beautifull atmosfere, amazing pencil.

Allways crazy about your work

Luc Desmarchelier said...

Hi Guys,
Thanks for the kind comments everybody.

Hey Simon, my life's on hold too and my glass is always half empty in an optimistic sort of way.

Alberto, maybe we can start a M.A.S (Mutual Admiration Society).