Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Pencil. Copyright Sony pictures Animation.


schunnin said...

My first, yet second comment...

Man, you are really unstoppable! Be careful, or we could easily take you for granted:
"sky is blue, birds are singin', ...and that Luc just keep shining from above" ;))
Joke aside, it is always such great pleasure to come back again and again to this neverending stream of concepts,
this "Graphite River". Sorry about previous "Curse of Old Yours" ;), but you did your part, and only that counts in

Stay good, just as you are now, and have a nice day,


Luc Desmarchelier said...

Hi Schunnin
Thanks for the visit and the kind words. We all wish, sometimes, to be something other than what we are which, in fact, is not always realistic or even desirable. In my case, though, there is room for improvement, trust me on that.