Friday, February 1, 2008


Pencil. Copyright Sony Pictures Animation.


Ben Mauro said...

really solid Luc. love the line weighting on everything.

Anonymous said...

Hi Luc,

I Have been in contact with Matt Jones and he refered me to you. So...

My name is Nima and I'm a filmmaker from Stockholm, Sweden. Recently I've
been working on an animated short film. And I'm looking for an illustrator
who can visualize the concept. I came across an image that I really liked
and I'm desperately tryng to find the artist behind the work.

I know you have been working on Tim Burtons corpse bride and I was
thinking maybe you would know? Maybe it's even yours?

Here is a link to the image...

I really liked the lighting in the image. I'm in pre production for a
clayanimated short that essentially is about sunlight and
mankinds relation to it. So thats why I'm so obsessed to get
the concept visuals as perfect as possible.

Please let me know if you have any info about it.

You can contact me at:

Sorry for taking up your time...

Have a nice day.

Best- Nima.

Mark Reep said...

Hey, Luc- Catching up on your recent posts, the campground pieces are great, and the mountains as well. Nice Evyvind Earle sort of feel to some of the trees in those, and I love the shapes of the land, the crowning evergreens, rocks, and the light. Great stuff, as always.
All the best!

Luc Desmarchelier said...

Hi Ben,
I use this trick of thickeninig some outlines in my drawings when I know I won't be able to work out a full value sketch. It helps clarify the silhouettes of the various elements in the line drawing for the next guy who will turn it into a tonal or a color key.

Hi Mark,
Good to hear from you. Eyvind Earle was indeed used as a reference at the beginning of that project.

Hi Nima,
Although I did work on the 'Corpse Bride' in pre-production in Los Angeles, I lost touch with the project when the production was moved to London. I had never seen the drawing you are talking about before, so my guess is that it was done by one of the artists in England, possibly Chris Baker. Unfortunately, I don't have his contact, but I would suggest for you to get in touch with Neil Ross through is Limbolo site (see Links on the right). Neil did extensive (and outstanding) work on the project in London and might be able to offer more help. He also shares your interest in the subject matter.
Good Luck.