Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Real estate.

Pen drawings. 2003. Copyright Vinton/Warner.


Mark McDonnell said...

Beautiful and fantastic man. Love the exploration,


pk said...

I really love these, thanks. I was thinking: "hmm..individual high-res images would be cool"

And then I see the 'copyright vinton/warner' and note your message up top not to publish etc without permission from author.

But my question prompted by this is: Who or what are Vinton/Warner?? Your site comes up as first hit from a search. Ummmmmmm...?

I suppose in a rhetorical way I'm suggesting that you might perhaps think of noting this somewhere as I see you've posted a bunch of his/her/their/(or is it actually your) (?) stuff.

Aaaaaanyway. They sure are nice drawings so thanks!

Luc Desmarchelier said...

Thanks Mac.

'Vinton Studio' is the former name of the shop in Portland, Oregon now known as 'Laika'. 'Warner' is 'Warner Bros.'... Rings a bell? The project 'Corpse Bride' was originally set up as a co-production between these two entities although the final credits read:
Warner Bros. Pictures presents
A Tim Burton/Laika Entertainment Production
Furthermore, the book details indicates the copyrights holder as WB Shield TM & Warner Bros Entertainment Inc.
Now in the interest of simplicity I chose to credit the companies I was working for at the time I produce these pieces for the show.
Does this clarifies everything?

Genevieve Tsai said...

Oh wow... these are incredible!!!