Wednesday, January 24, 2007


For Neil.

The crows were to be involved in transporting the characters between the two worlds. I had hoped that they could appear from the ground, much like doves from a magician kerchief, with a flutter of wings, more and more of them until they formed a massive black cloud that would then disperse revealing the characters. The process would happen in reverse in the other world, with the whole flock gathering to hide the characters then disapearing into the ground like water down a drain.

A little expensive, maybe.
Painter & Photoshop and pencil sketches. 2003. Copyright Vinton/Warner.


Frasier Olivier said...

great idea... nothing to say, it is perfect!

Andrew Bosley said...

Great concept! Great design! Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Doron Meir said...

Looks great, and also gets the imagination going. Nice stuff - also older post. Love your work!

Luc Desmarchelier said...

Thank you all kindly. I'm glad you enjoy the stuff.

limbolo said...

Cheers, Luc.