Monday, June 1, 2009

More Restrained.

Gouache on Paper. 1994/95. Copyright Universal.


:::Julia Lundman::: said...

are most of these painted on black illustration board? They are all really inspiring!!!

Paul Holmes said...

I'm always excited to see these paintings from you. You are so good with light. I'm also curious about the medium you paint on. I've been painting on wood lately, but would like to try paper. What sort-of paper do you use? Paper always seems to get so wet and wrinkly with gouache for me.

hans bacher said...

thank you for your nice comment, luc. these sketches remind me of that 'promising' project, I spent so much time on in 1991. long after I left you and christian did some more beautiful designs. isn't it a shame that nothing ever came out of it?
hope you are well, all my best

Luc Desmarchelier said...

Hi Julia,
These small sketches were done on regular paper.

Hey Paul,
The trick to painting on regular paper is to stretch it first: Wet the back of the sheet with a sponge or a spritzer bottle, lay it on a board, then tape it all around with brown paper tape. The paper will dry flat and you will be able to paint on it. When you're done painting, let dry and remove the paper from the board.

Hi Hans,
Thanks for the visit. It is that very selfsame project indeed that was resurrected in 94 and it was a lot of fun working on it for a while with Christian and Nico among others. The problem as usual was in coming up with a story that would please everybody. The added complication was that the existing music could not be changed or moved around yet had to be shoehorned into the classic three acts movie structure. It seems nobody was able to figure this one out. Yet, it would have been simple to stay true to the source materials and organize the movie as a series of shorts loosely connected with recurring characters. Unfortunately, this was never on the table.
Thanks again for your last post .. It is absolutely superb.


Joe Kresoja said...

this is very nice.

Joe Kresoja said...

this is very nice.