Friday, December 7, 2007

Beowulf and Grendel.

Last year, this movie came out in very limited release in the U.S. and is now available on DVD.
Let's just say that this is everything the other one is not. I couldn't resist posting a few of my favorite shots.

2005. Movision.


Anonymous said...

Luc, mille Cheers for the info. Never heard of it, but i'm going to look for it. the shot on top looks very frazetta to me... nice.

Lindsay said...

I'm adding it to my netflix list. The "other" one really &^%$#@! Thanks for reviewing it.

Luc Desmarchelier said...

Hi Laurent,
Oui, par influence ou par convergence, de nombreuses scenes ressemblent beaucoup a du Frazetta.

Hi Lindsay,
Hope you like this one better. I did.

Matt J said...

Did u see PATHFINDER? VERY influenced by Frazetta visually but the film suffers from terrible pacing. The viking design is stunning.

Luc Desmarchelier said...

Hi Matt,
I am only familiar with the trailer of this film and aside from some intriguing design choices I was not impressed with what I saw. In general, it seemed overwrought and phony and in particular, sorely lacking in color. I shall take another look on your recommendation.

Anonymous said...

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bag said...

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