Friday, November 30, 2007


Acrylic on Illustration Board. Copyright Dreamworks.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff!! Your skill really is unequaled. Thank you for sharing your awesome talent and please don't stop posting, your blog has become an addiction and inspiration.

Francis Vallejo said...

wow, very impressive and professional! You sir are a acrylic mastermind

D.TAYLOR said...

What a great pleasure it is to see your wonderful and beautiful work here. I'll be back for more!

Luc Desmarchelier said...

Hi Anonymous,
My skills, truly, are more modest than you make them to be, but thanks for the praises.

Hi Francis,
I find acrylic to be one of the most versatile media although I also liked gouache, oil or watercolour when I was still using traditionnal tools.

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the visit, come back as often as you please.