Wednesday, December 20, 2006

California winter

It's cold and it's big.
Digital Photograph. Venice beach.


Michael said...

Hi Luc!

I'm putting the first comment on your first post.
It's great that you should decide to share some of your work with the world. After all, most of what you do is intended for public consumption, no?

I shall add you to my links list immediately and point my students at this excellent blog.

Keep it up! Oh, and never apologize for not posting is my tip of the day / month / year!

Michael said...

Besides all that guff, I must say that the more I look at this amazing grisaille, the more powerful it becomes.
It's a terrific piece of composition.

Luc Desmarchelier said...

Hi Mickael,
It took my a while to discover your comment down here.
Yeah, I love that shot, the surf looked to be well over 20' that day although it was a bit hard to tell from the shore until I turned to the pier. In that shot the pier seem to be the focus of the composition, untill one realise it is only there to give one an idea of the awesome scale of wave behind it.
By the way this was a sunny day and not a bit overcast the beautiful grisaille is the effect of the amount of spray produced by surf of this magnitude on the coast. Up above the picture, the sky is blue!